Muletown, a Style Guide

The Name Muletown is frankly, something kind of new round these parts. Some folks may remember a point in time when we called Columbia "C-Town." It's our belief we should pay dues to the boys at Muletown Coffee for really popularizing the phrase. They staked a claim downtown not 5 years ago and made the name Muletown something to be proud of. 

As Muletown becomes more synonymous with Columbia (kinda like Beantown and Boston or Stumptown and Portland) we felt like we should step up and start guiding folks on the proper way to style it, as well as how we use mules and the like. Cause, well, we're a bunch of design nerds at MyColumbia, and we just love it when things are communicated with a singular, focused and clear message. 

So, without further ado here's our Muletown Style Guide. And as always, we love feedback, let us know what else we should add to it!